Senior Nutrition: Are You Getting Enough of These 6 Essential Nutrients?

Senior Nutrition

According to The Alliance For Aging Research, approximately 3.7 million American seniors are malnourished. You would think that seniors receiving care in hospitals and long-term residential facilities would have their basic nutritional needs met. However, these older adults are more likely to suffer from poor nutrition. Malnutrition is not just a problem for people in … Read more

Researchers Use Flashlight To Test New Alzheimer’s Therapy Method

alzheimers flashlight therapy

The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is exploding, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. The worldwide costs associated with caring for patients with the disease are estimated to total more than $600 billion. One in nine American seniors over age 65 have the disease, and 16 million more Americans will be diagnosed by 2050 if … Read more

Grumpy Rescue Cat Cheers Up Nursing Home Residents

grumpy cat cheers up nursing home residents

Researchers have found that interaction with pets can lower blood pressure as much as some medications. Therapy animals have also been shown to reduce anxiety, improve cardiovascular health and reduce psychological stress. Animals have worked alongside people for centuries whether or not they’ve been in the health care industry. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, some … Read more

How is Depression in the Elderly Different and How Can You Help?

Depression is a prevalent disease among all ages of people but is particularly common in older populations. Previously, depression in the elderly was confused with other illnesses and often overlooked compared to depression in younger populations. Throughout your lifetime you go through many changes and significant life events. It’s okay to feel grief and sadness … Read more

What Happens When A Preschool Joins A Nursing Home? Upcoming Documentary “The Growing Season” Shows The Results

nursing homes and preschools

The United Nations reports that population aging is at the highest level ever seen in human history. Fertility rates are declining while life expectancy is increasing. Population ageing is a global trend that will not reverse itself in our lifetime. That’s one of the reasons that intergenerational learning is becoming more important. Formal programs that … Read more