How To Transport A Mobility Scooter? Different Ways Discussed

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If you or your loved one finds it difficult to walk a long distance, a mobility scooter is what makes things easier.

Although similar to power wheelchairs in the way that both vehicles run on batteries, mobility scooters are specifically designed to be used in open spaces.

A mobility scooter features a handlebar with switches mounted on top to allow the user to adjust speed and change direction with ease. The user can do that while remaining seated, and the vehicle will take them to their desired destination.

But, what if you’re going for a long drive? Or you’re flying somewhere for a vacation?

There’s no need to fret about how to transport a mobility scooter because we’ve got you everything covered! Keep reading this guide to know about all the possibilities.

Different Ways To Transport A Mobility Scooter

How To Transport A Mobility Scooter By Car?

If you want to take your mobility scooter by car, the way you store the vehicle depends on the storage space of the type of car you’re driving.

A. Sedan Or A Hatchback

  1. There isn’t much space on the back of sedans and hatchbacks, so the only way to carry your scooter is by storing it inside the trunk. If the trunk is full of items, you’ll need to remove them to free up space.
  2. If the scooter has a foldable design, you can fold it and then place it inside the trunk.
  3. If the scooter parts are detachable, that’s even better because you might have some space for storing necessary items. Remove all the detachable components and then place them inside the trunk. You can seek help from someone to help you lift heavier components.

B. Van Or SUV

  1. Compared to sedans and hatchbacks, vans and SUVs have more space in the back, so you might be able to store the scooter as is. If you’re driving a van or an SUV, make sure there’s enough space inside.
  2. If your vehicle has a wheelchair ramp, you can use it to guide the mobility scooter inside. Sit on the scooter, switch it on and drive up the ramp.
  3. Turn off the scooter and put on the brake.
  4. To ensure the vehicle remains stationary while your car is moving, you can either tie the scooter or place it on a docking station.
  5. Do a test drive to check if the scooter remains secured into place.

C. What If Your Car Doesn’t Have Space For Mobility Scooter?

If there’s no way you can store your mobility scooter inside your car, the only option to transport it is to use a hitch-mounted carrier.

  1. Install a hitch-mounted carrier on the back of your vehicle.
  2. If your scooter is foldable or detachable do so to make it compact. If that’s not possible, guide the scooter as it is on top of the platform.
  3. Tie the scooter in order to prevent it from tumbling down.
  4. Do a test drive to check whether the scooter remains stationary.

How To Transport A Mobility Scooter By Public Transit?

  1. Not all public transit, such as buses and trains allows you to carry your mobility scooter with you. If you find the one that does, you will need to wait at your stop. If there’s a certain area for people with disabilities, it is a good idea to wait there.
  2. When it’s your turn, let the driver know where you’re going so that they can drop you as close to your destination as possible.
  3. Next, ask the conductor to lower the wheelchair ramp for you. Once it is lowered, drive on top of it and allow the ramp’s mechanism to take you inside.
  4. Drive towards the area for disabled people, turn off the switch and then apply the brakes.

How To Transport A Mobility Scooter By Airplane?

Before you book a flight, the first thing you need to do is to inform the airline about your mobility scooter. You will need to give some information, such as the vehicle’s size, the type of battery it uses, and other information that can be found in the scooter’s user manual.

Airlines won’t charge you for carrying your mobility scooter, but you need to ensure the vehicle complies with the policies of your preferred airline.

Tips For Transporting Mobility Scooters

  • Wherever you head towards, make sure your mobility scooter is secured into place.
  • Always keep the scooter turned off during transit. Make sure you carry the battery charger with you.
  • If you transport your mobility scooter using a hitch-mount, make sure to use a weather-proof cover to prevent the scooter from getting damaged due to weather elements.


Never consider yourself a burden because of your disabilities. If you use a mobility scooter, know that it is possible to take the vehicle with you as travel from one place to another. Just make sure you follow the processes correctly, and it will be all good.

If you don’t have a mobility scooter but planning to purchase one, we recommend you choose the one that is either foldable or detachable. That will allow you to store the scooter safely in your vehicle because minimal space will be needed.

Now that you know how to transport a mobility scooter, hopefully, you’ll be able to transport your vehicle with ease.

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