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Terra Nova Films Elder Abuse Catalog

Terra Nova Films is a nonprofit organization that creates, produces, distributes, and presents films on aging and elderhood. Their extensive Elder Abuse Catalog includes more than 20 videos. Please note: NCPEA members receive a 15% discount!


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Last Will and Embezzlement


This powerful 82-minute film addresses financial elder abuse and its growing impact on a rapidly aging population. It discusses: why many older adults become vulnerable (and are reluctant to “tell” after they’ve been exploited); tactics perpetrators use to gain trust; and how Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, and certain age-related changes can affect decision making. The film documents several hard-to-forget stories of exploitation:

Terra Nova Films

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(NOTE: A 23-minute version of the film is also available.)


Self Neglect: What We Can Learn from the Mary Northern Case


Putting a human face on one of the most complex and important self-neglect cases of our time, this DVD introduces us to Mary Northern--a 72 year old woman with gangrene in her lower legs, who refuses surgery, insisting her legs were just dirty. It documents her early life and accomplishments, lists the known facts of the case when first reported to Adult Protective Services, and provides a progression on the case and the subsequent interventions. Through the presentations of several expert panelists, the video delves into the tough issues of capacity and competence, and provides an informative look at the ethical, legal, social, financial, and mental health concerns involved in serving the best interests of vulnerable older adults. The accompanying Teaching and Discussion Guide serves as a springboard to a multidisciplinary dialogue that addresses a myriad of preventive and applicable interventions possible in cases of extreme self-neglect. Running Time: 99 minutes. Here is an excerpt:



                                                           Terra Nova Films
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Saving our Parents


An educational documentary hosted by award winning actor Ed Asner,this 60-minute film is the collaborative effort of numerous experts and professionals. It is divided into easily viewable segments that contain interview footage of victimized families, expertise from various professional fields as well as inspirational advice and tips. Segments include:


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An Age for Justice: Confronting Elder Abuse in America


This video was WITNESS and the National Council on Aging as part of the Elder Justice Now campaign. It highlights the families and individuals whose lives have been turned upside down by elder abuse and provides stark proof of the financial, emotional, physical, and psychological impact of the violence and abuse against older and vulnerable adults.


Available for viewing on YouTube

Running time: 16 minutes




Elder Abuse: The Crime of the 21st Century?--Research on Aging


This training and education video features Paul Greenwood, San Diego Deputy District Attorney and a leading expert on elder abuse prosecution. He has prosecuted more than four hundred felony cases of elder and dependent abuse, both physical and financial. In this presentation he examines what constitutes elder abuse, how we handle these cases in our judicial system, why incidents of elder abuse are on the rise, and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. University of California Television.


Available for viewing on YouTube

Running time: 60 minutes