NCPEA - National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
Elder Care

Cross Disciplinary Training

What is cross-disciplinary training?

It is training geared toward helping professionals expand their scope of knowledge and skills beyond the confines of their own professional disciplines.

Why is it needed?

The field of elder abuse prevention is multidisciplinary by nature. Professionals ranging from physicians to police officers are likely to encounter abuse cases and are in key positions to offer help. These professionals, including those from the disciplines listed below, possess skills, tools, resources, authority, and knowledge that may be needed to stop abuse and reduce vulnerability.

Each discipline has its own perspective, jargon, mandates, and resources. When professionals fail to understand these differences, it can create barriers, misunderstandings, or "turf" conflicts. On the other hand, when professionals learn about other disciplines' approaches, resources, and perspectives, it can greatly expand their repertoires of skills, increase the resources they can make available to their clients, and enhance their understanding of the problem. It can facilitate interagency coordination, resulting in a more comprehensive range of services, reducing the likelihood that clients will "fall between the cracks" of the service network, and cutting down on wasteful overlap.

Resources for cross-disciplinary education and training

The following training manuals and curricula have been developed to facilitate cross-disciplinary education and training.