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What Communities Can Do

The following materials, produced by elder abuse prevention programs across the United States, are provided as examples for other communities (click on the link to view each item):

Linkage agreement to participate in the San Francisco Consortium for Elder Abuse Prevention. Coalitions are strongest when they have firm and clearly defined commitments from their members. This sample agreement shows is signed by agency directors in San Francisco.

Guidelines for Establishing and Coordinating a Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST). Communities can enhance their ability to resolve complex financial abuse cases by developing FASTs to review actual cases. These guidelines were developed by WISE Senior Services in Los Angeles and have been used to replicate the most model in other communities.

Oregon's Statute on disclosure of financial records by banks (ORS 192.555). To encourage banks to report financial abuse, the state enacted legislation shielding banks from liability if they report. The statute has served as model and been replicated in several other states

Public Policy Position Statement. The Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse takes a proactive approach to advocacy by developing an agenda for each upcoming legislative. A sample of the coalitionÕs priorities for 2000-2002 are provided.

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