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Linkage Agreement

For Membership in the San Francisco Consortium for Elder Abuse Prevention

The goal of the Consortium for Elder Abuse Prevention is to protect and maintain the health, independence, and safety of elders. Through the coordinated efforts of its member agencies, the Consortium provides a comprehensive range of services to vulnerable seniors aimed at preventing or responding to abuse or neglect.

Membership in the Consortium is defined as your agency's commitment to participating in and improving this network of services. In addition to accepting appropriate referrals, Consortium members may be asked to participate in the on-going development of the Consortium through support of and cooperation with our planning, advocacy and training efforts.

As part of the requirements for membership to the Consortium, the undersigned agency agrees to:

  1. Accept appropriate referrals to provide services to abused elders, their families and caregivers.
  2. Assign one staff member as representative to the Consortium who will attend annual meetings and keep appropriate staff at their agencies informed of Consortium activities. Representatives and other staff members are invited to participate on subcommittees.
  3. Copy the Consortium's newsletter and other training and resource materials and distribute to appropriate staff within your agency.
  4. Participate in or sponsor 4 hours a year of staff development in elder abuse and report on your activities to the Consortium. Agencies can meet this requirement through any of the following activities as long as they total 4 hours:
    • Sponsor a training for agency staff
    • Serve on the Multidisciplinary Team or send staff to observe meetings (each meeting is 2 hours)
    • Provide training on elder abuse-related issues to other agencies
    • Serve on Consortium committees
    • Attend the annual Consortium meeting
    • Provide volunteer support (e.g. translate materials, write articles for the newsletter, host meetings)
    • Host a community awareness event for seniors

The Consortium agrees to:

  1. Provide training, materials and consultation (The Consortium will provide in-service training once a year for member agencies)
  2. Sponsor an annual meeting of the full membership, highlighting topics of special interest to members
  3. Distribute promotional materials for the Consortium and invite new members to join
  4. Advocate for public and private sector policies, services, facilities and financing which provide appropriate detection, treatment and prevention of elder abuse
  5. Convene a multidisciplinary team (MDT) to review challenging abuse cases presented by Consortium members
  6. Educate seniors and the general public about elder abuse and available protective services
  7. Stimulate and support research into the causes, treatment, cure and prevention of elder abuse
Special benefits of membership:
  1. Consortium newsletter with profiles of cases discussed at the Multidisciplinary Team meetings, committee reports, current developments in the field, new resources, and articles contributed by Consortium members
  2. One subscription to nexus, the newsletter of The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (NCPEA) affiliate program, and a discount on individual membership in the NCPEA
  3. Discounts on outreach materials, speakers and trainers
  4. Opportunity to post basic information on the Consortium's web site and/or have a link to your own site

These agreements are sent to agencies who want to join as a member agency of the San Francisco Consortium for Elder Abuse Prevention. The agreement is signed and dated by the agency's director and a representative is assigned from the staff of that agency

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