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What Communities Can Do

"If I take a finger and touch you,
you may feel it.
If I use two, you will know
you have been tapped.
But if I bring together
all of the fingers into a fist,
I can give a mighty blow."

Mary McLeod Bethune

What is a coalition?

A coalition is a group of individuals, agencies, and/or organizations that comes together to address social problems or issues. Coalitions provide their members with opportunities to learn more about specific issues and engage in collective action and advocacy.

What do elder abuse prevention coalitions do?

In the field of elder abuse prevention, coalitions have advocated for new laws or policies, organized public or professional awareness campaigns, developed plans to improve service delivery and much more.

How can I learn more?

Building Partnerships: A Guide to Developing Coalitions, Interagency Agreements, and Teams in the field of Elder Abuse. Goldman Institute on Aging (1995, 24 pp). For more information and instructions for how to order, click here.

If your community has an elder abuse coalition or you are interested in starting one, consider becoming an affiliate of the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. Affiliates benefit from the experiences of other communities across the U.S. as well as the resources and expertise of NCPEA. For more information, click here.

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